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Cassia, Sio... hopefully the fact that I made this fanlisting tells you just how much I love your stories, but - if it doesn't - I'll just come out and say it. Your series is what convinced me to start reading LotR fanfiction, rather than simply clinging to the books. If I had never gotten involved in the fandom, then I would have missed out on meeting some really terrific people. Thank you for everything. ~ Lynn

There are just no words to describe the astounding skill and passion Cassia and Sio pour into the stories that brighten our days, bring us closer to heart failure than anything else, and stand as a lasting monument to what LOTR fanfiction should be. ~ Saber

A million thank yous to C and guys got me hooked on fanfiction and for that I'm forever grateful. ~ Estel Kenobi

Time to become professional writers, girls! ;) ~ Isadora

Cassia, Sio - you two are awesome! ~ Kellen

Cassia and Sio are the Best! ~ Vanaondoiel

The best damned writing I've seen ever! ~ Nevfacwen

Cassia and Sio--you gals are truly amazing. You have painted a world and friendship for the hungry fans that we are that Tolkien and Jackson only began to tap into. I enjoy your stories immensely and hope you have many more planned for us, even after RotK has disapeared from theaters. Thank you a million times over! ^o^ ~ Marie Kenobi

Great Fics! ~ Melissa

You two are truly amzing authors. Your stories extensively explore relationships in LOTR in such a way that I'm sure Tolkien would be impressed with. I truly hope the MC never end. ~ Tiffany

I love the stories! The writing is great, and I love seing my favorite characters suffering and tortured! ~ Amael

I LOVE YOUR STORIES- but you knew that. I can't wait to read more of Traitor!! But you knew that too. hm. Stitch says "hey" but you probably guessed that. Well, see you on then!! :D ~ ~Chloe-who-is-rather-clueless-when-it-comes-to-leaving-just-a-short-comment-for-Cassia-and-Sio!! ;)

These stories are so great! It's so nice to have a series that I can read that I know will have no slash or other "disgustingness" Please keep writing!! ~ Bec

Hurry with "Traitor"! ~ Ringlinde Lessien

A fanlisting I'm not on?! BLASPHEMY! You guys rock. Can't remember how I ever got by without you. ~ Spark

YES! I LOVE MC! Religiously check for updates every hour or so! AIM me @ LotR Night Rider ~ Lady Isabella

These got me going. Only one suggestion to our fav. fanfic. writers: post more often! And a question: does anyone else write as good as you? If yes, who? ~ MemyselfandI

I began reading the Mellon Chronicles after one of my internet buddies convinced me to. I have always had a dislike for fan fiction, often because the authors cannot write, have no sense of moral, character or structure (to "borrow a line from Addams Family Values") Thank you for showing me a world inside a world. I had always loved the lord of therings, and finding your site was a godsend! Keep up the good work, and I await all upcoming stories! ~ Vinayual

I began reading the Mellon Chronicles only after one of my internet buddies convinced me to. I had always thought that fan fiction was a waste of time, but after reading "Captive of Darkness" -- the first one I ever read-- I was hooked. As a huge fan of Tolkien's works, anyway, these stories have opened a new door in the literary world. Thank you for all your stories, and hope that they will continue for many a story yet to come! ~Vinayual of Lothlorien, Grrenwood the Great and Rivendell!!!! ~ Vinayual

Itīs about time for me to join. I check the chronicles every day for updates! Itīs the best archive to find in the net and I love that thereīs so much about Thranduil and the twins as well. ~ Pennsuleien

Cassia and Siobhan I just LOVE your stories! Thank you SO much for putting all your time and effort into this great series! I look forward to every new addition and don't ever want them to end! :D Thanks again! Keep up the GREAT work! ~ Hannah

C&S, don't know how I got along without you. ~ Pat

Just GREAT! ~ Maria

Awesome stories! ~ Coty

Cassia and Sio are marvels. As a writer myself I can fully appreciate the work they've put into this series. (Talk about a mammoth effort!) And I am so glad that they have made a big thing out of overlooked friendship. ~ Emily Brown

I have read every story that the Mellon Chronicles have written and just can't wait for the next ones. ~ Lill Mckee

MC ROCKS!!!!!!! ~ Coon

I love the Mellon Chronicles and I would love to see it go on forever. Cassia, Sio (and Kaldur ^_~) you all rule! ~ Halo Son

The Mellon Chronicles RoCk! But of course, I'm sure you already know that... =o) ~ Betsy

When I first stumbled upon your site, it was like all my dreams had come true. The stories keep you captivated until the very last word, and everyone's personalities are just perfect; if I could have described the way I saw the characters they would be just how you have them now. I haven't found one yet that I didn't think was done amazingly well. You guys are truly a blessing to me and my sister and brother. Thanks! ~ Amanalda

I ♥ Estel and Legolas ;) ~ Natalie (aka BackStgArtist)

The Mellon Chronicles is one of the best LotR fanfic sites on the net in my opinion. ~ Elemariel01

Not much, but that Cass and Sio are goddesses among the land of fanfic writers. ~ Marcella

The Mellon Chronicles have gotten me addicted to my computer. "AH! the powers out! my preeeecccciousssss!" (Cassia and Sio rock my socks!) ~ Kaiti

How about MC and Cassia and Sio rule!!! ;D ~ Alison

Cassia and Sio RULE!!! ~ Ani

Keep them coming, I love what I read. ~ Sivan Shemesh

LOVE the Mellon Chronicles, go Sio and Cassia! ~ Katherine

This has got to be the best series (fan or pro fic) that I've EVER had the pleasure of reading! ~ MaraJade

I really have fallen in love with the series since I stumbled upon it this Christmas break. I swear I've stayed up almost till two in the morning trying to get through all the stories before the break is up. It seems like we have to potential and very gifted writers on her hands. I can't wait to read the next story. You got to love the friendship between Aragorn and Legolas and all the angst (though I'm not sure how good that part is for my health ^_^). Bye! ~ Naomi

MC and the aragorn-legolas group were my first forays into fan fiction for LOTR and I have to say this is a wonderful, fun group. Cassia and Sio are great! ~ Linda Warren

You got me addicted now I want more.... ~ Isabella Millauer

Good to be here, hope to get my own website up and running soon! ~ Aragornwriter

I love the Mellon Chronicles! ~ Sharon Leonard

Keep up the great work gals. Don't let me leave out a mention of all those other marvelous writers either. Life wouldn't be the same without your art. ;) ~ Bill-the-Pony

I think Cassia and Sio's work is just incredible. Keep it coming, guys! ~ Jess

I love the Mellon Chronicles! ~ Sara

Mellon Chronicles is one of the best series I've ever read, keep it up gals. ~ Darkelf

Wonderful writers, wonderful people.... ~ Kimmaree

I love the MC! ~ Sonia Wong

I love the depth of character in the stories and the method of descrption, you should be proud of yourselves! ~ Kitty

The stories are very creative. I would love to see some fanart. ~ Jill

Friends, torture and fan fiction? What are we waiting for? ~ Becky

Love MC!!! Can't get enough of it!!!!! ~ Firniswin

Cassia and Sio are totally awesome writers! ~ Lelgalad

I absolutly LOVE all the stories! Falls under the catigory of fanfiction you would have to be insane not to read. ~ Megan Jones

Keep up the great work! ~ Jen

AWESOME SERIES, MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ~ Aranel Greenleaf

I love these stories! ~ Spencer Ellsworth

MC ROCKS! ~ Aragornlover13

How can you describe in a few short sentances a work like the Mellon Chronicles? I don't think it can be done.. Unless you go with something simple like "MC Rules!" ^^ ~ Kanaylle

It was very hard to pick only one story to be my favorite MC story! ~ Linchi

I have highly enjoyed reading the Mellon Chronicles and I hope to see more stories in the future. ~ Sarah

They are all wonderful. ~ Megan

Mellon Chronicles are the most awesome Aragorn and Legolas fanfiction around. I've been following them faithfully since Priceless Treasure...and I can't wait for the next one. ~ Anarril

I love the Mellon Chronicles, they are truly wonderful pieces of work and deserve the highest praise. ~ Loralya

I love the MC! I really is the best Fan Fiction ever. Tolkien would be proud. ~ Rachel M

The best stories I ever read. ~ Elanor

Wow, you two are the greatest authors ever! Seriously, cuz these stories are all I've ever looked for in Lord of the Rings drama! I'm a fanfic writer too, and I just don't know how you come up with all your plots and ideas, whether they're different or coresponding...and they just keep coming! So what I really want to say is many, many thanks and keep up the amazing work! ~ Christen

You are the most talented LOTR fanfiction writers I have ever come arcross! Excellent! Keep going! ~ Anna


I love your stories ^_^ ~ EnigmaJade

I love your stories! You are most likely the best writers I have ever read on What else is there to say? ~ Mirelena

Mellon Chronicles rule!! :) ~ Faith

A friendship so strong is worth worshippiong b/c it's hard to find these days. ~ Melanie

Best Stories I have ever read! ~ Jenn

All the stories are brilliant! ~ Phil

This is honestly the best LotR series *ever* and I live for it!!! ~ Tomica Starry

Besides loving the relationship between Aragorn and Legolas, I really enjoy Aragorn's relationship with Elrond. I just wish there was more Glorfindel in the stories! :) ~ RADbooks

These stories ROCK!!! ~ Kiah Puth

"Captive of Darkness" was the first story I read in this series; the name caught my attention, and now I am very glad I read it. ~ Divya

MC ROCKS!!!! ~ Kris

I just have to say that I am soooo glad that this talent is out there and not hidden from others. My only wish is that Cassia and Sio never stop writing. They should begin doing novels as well. ~ Nilmandra

Best fanfic on the internet!!!! ~ Kayla

Aragorn, Legolas, Elladan, Elrohir, Raniean, and Trelan are easily my favorite fanfiction characters of all time. ~ Michelle

I adore Siobhan's and Cassia's stories... ~ Sara Seanthi

I LOVE ALL YOUR STORIES and the elves are hot!! ~ aussiesportstar

The mellon chronicles are the best fanfics I have ever read. They are brilliant. ~ Megan

I love Mellon Chronicles!! ~ Tong

Mellon Chronicles rock! ~ Vicki Turner

The Mellon Chronicles is the best series ever! There aren't any words to describe it! Fantastic only speaks for an inch of it but that's the best I can do. Cassia and Siobhan really out-do themselves with each and every story! The Mellon Chronicles rock! ~ Tara

I love the Mellon Chronicals. They are the best LotR fics out there. ~ Gilien

I LOVE your work. Keep writing for the sake of my sanity! ~ jp

You must have heard this a million times, but MC Rules!! - C n S you are the best!! HeHeHe ~ Georgie

I love the Mellon Chronicles. I think they are so awesome. I love the friendship portrayed with Aragorn and Legolas. ~ Anastasia Who

Mellon Chronicles are the best! Ya gotta love 'em! ~ Tara

I am in awe of this series! I could read these over and over again. (mind you, I do) I love their intense bond of friendship and brotherly love. Love ya, Legolas!! Love ya, Estel!! ~ Lady Alatariel

Cassia and Sio, I cannot begin to tell you how very much I owe to you. Your stories are amazing, you have inspired my own writing. That is probably the greatest gift I have ever been given. Thank you sooooo much. And don't you dare ever stop writing or *gasp* end the Chronicles!!!!! *wink* ~ Eryn

I love your stories, your writing techniques are superb and the stories are gripping. They can make you cry, laugh or just plain sit there by the computer shocked as can be. All in all I get so excited each time I know about a new story by the two of you. ~ Amy Green

I love the Mellon Chronicles. End of story. ~ Marie

Your stories rock my socks! ~ PakRat

Cassia and Sio rock! ~ Katherine

I will forever love the stories and workings that come from the MC ^.^ ~ queenebs

I LOVE your stories, and I love your style!! ~ Katie

The 'Mellon Chronicles' are a collection of the best fan fictions I've read!! ~ Val

Mellon Chronicles are the best fanfics I have ever read! Cassia, Sio, you two rule! ~ Casey

Yay! I just got my friend interested in reading these fanfics. I'm hooked on them, and I can't wait for Darkness Before Dawn to come out!! :) Navear for now. ~ Elwen

Thank you for writing excellent LotR fics. I had despaired of ever reading quality ones, and I beleive that you guys are some of the best writers out there. ~ Sarah

oh man... Cas & Sio, you've not only expanded, but created your own exquisite version of the whole universe and soulscape of these characters... I'm in awe, to me you have enriched both our heroes' personalities by adding all these new dimensions to them, giving them a history that plausibly leads them to the point they've reached in their lives during the trilogy. I'm very curious about how you will transform the relationship of Estel and Elrond into the more tension-laden one they lead during the biggest part of the books & movies, if you're gonna take it that far at all. Which I sure hope you will! I don't know if you would want to give your own recount of the trilogy itself even, once you've reached that point in the timeline, but if ANYBODY could even dare to imagine doing that without ending on the bitter roads of blasphemy, it would be you two. I don't know if that came out right at all, but it's meant as a compliment! *g* Anyway, kudos both you. and thanks for sharing your wonderful take on things with us readers! You rock, and that's all I'm gonna say for now, apart from take care & keep it up! :) ~ sappi

u guys r the best i think id be bored out of my mind if i didnt have a MC story to read ~ Ariel

Been here a long time, but livin in Lurkwood. Cas, Sio, you gals rock! ~ Shay

Cassia, Sio; you're amazing. Both of you. ~ kenzimone

I love this site, and I love your stories, their all fabulous! ~ Rachel

I'm looking forward to reading future stories in the chronicles. Truly a joy! ~ Griz

This has been my favourite series of FanFics for close to two years, now! You guys are awesome!! ~ Den

In intense love with these stories. ~ merenwen

I LOVE this series. It's inventive and original. The stories keep me entertained adn in suspense because of all the evil little cliffies. Poor Aragorn and Legolas. ~ Christina

You guys rock! ~ Voldie

Oh thank you girls for these wonderful stories! These are exactly what I wanted to read! I really love your stories! ~ Katerina

I LOVE MARAEN!!! I also love Dari and little legolas (and Fairael when Cassia and Sioe get around to putting her in a storry!) ~ Emily Faith

No words are needed to describe these works... ~ Cheryl I love to read Cassia and Sio stories! ~ Purrplekat1989

I just love the stories, I think you have to send a copy of one of them to PJ maybe he'll forget about the hobbit and kong. I also think that Tolkie would have been very please with these stories. ~ Karen

Cassia ans Sio rock! I love MC! (it's bloody addicting, too....can't go a day without reading one of their stories! ;) ~ Kristina Sheufelt

Cassia and Sio, you guys are awesome and work really well together! I love your work so much! keep it up! ~ Amanda

Cassia and Siobhan have written the only fanfictions that aren't slashy and are worth reading - for that I cannot thank them enough. My friend and I often read them and have conversations solely based around the fics. The characters seem so real that I often have trouble remembering that the stories aren't Tolkien-canon. Once again, Cassia and Siobhan, hannon lle for your amazing stories. Namarie! ~ Aearwen

I'm still waiting for you guys to get published. What's taking so long? XD. ~ Mari

Keep up this wonderful work ;-) ~ Liesbeth

I love all the MCs!!! ~ Mary Kate

I love all the stories. ~ Missy

I really REALLY love this site. ~ Laraen Arnulenta

I have read every single MC story and I will always remember them, for within each one is held a small piece of advice to those who are having a hard time. There's a lot of wisdom in the words you write, Cassia+Siobhan! ~ Allison (a.k.a. Dragonlore)

I love MC! ~ Ella

I love the Mellon Chronicles. ~ Agatha

I love you Cassia and Sio!!!! ~ Trinilee Greenleaf

I love Cassia and Sio and I am so sad to see them stop writing. ~ Frannie Bishop

Hands up everyone who thinks that the Mellon Chronicles is the best LOTR fanfiction out there!!! ~ Hetal Kiran Patel

I was pretty much just coasting along, LOTR fanfic-wise, until I found the MC. Somewhere in Captive of Darkness, I fell in love. What I really love most is that the world seems so... alive, really. Vibrant. You can tell that the authors have this incredible passion for their world and their characters. Also, there is no shame in their torture and angst. Some people just beat the shit out of their characters for no apperant reason, and you end up leaving a review that uses the word "psycopathic" at least once. But here, there is a point, and a good one it is. Stay sweet. ~ Lunasariel

My friends and I have always been huge MC junkies, and I sometimes go around advertising them. ~ Talon

Cassia and Sio, you 2 are the best fan fic writers on the web. Thank you for the wonderful stories and you have inspired me as a writer more then anything. Both of you continue writting and don't listen to any bad comments 'cause anyone who gives you bad feedback is CRAZY! ~ Enelya

Gosh, what to say to the two most talented writers I have come across in a very long time. Tolkien himself would have been proud, I just know it. You both have captured my heart with your tales and I remain forever a loyal reader. Thank you for sharing your stories. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. ~ Sarah Zwanziger

I love MC! ~ Kel

Cassia and Sio....what to say??? These stories are AH-MAY-ZING!! These stories are the most action (and angst ;D) packed, complex, and inspiring fics i've ever read. They are awesome. And whoever does not agree should be poked to death with sporks. ;P They're so believable that i can't read different aragorn-legolas fics without stopping every few lines to go 'hey wait a minute that never happened in the MCs!!!!!! This story isn't accurate!!' hahahaha thanks guys. love ya! ~ Londsa Imladwen

A friend introduced me to the world of fanfiction last year by showing me the Mellon Chronicles. I have never recovered; I love these stories. They have been a great encouragement to me in my own creative endeavors. Thank you for your wonderful work, Cassia and Siobhan! ~ Shade

Love the stories!!! ~ Kim

I adore the MC for many reasons, particularly because it brought a friend and I closer together, as odd as that may sound. I will always be a fan of these stories. And, of course, of beloved Ranger and Elf Prince. :) ~ Chelsee

possibly the next best thing to Tolkien himself :) ~ Amanda

MC <3 forever. ~ Casey

The mellon chronicles are AMAZING! ~ Bethan

I love legolas!!!He's CUTE!!! ~ Deborah Chan

best stories ever! ~ Kat

i love MC!!! ~ glitz

I read the Mellon Chronicles so many years ago and was very sad when I found that the page was down. Fortunately I had many saved in my pc and found another place where they are keeping them. ~ Ellwen